About Us

At UK Film Studio Productions PLC, our philosophy is to make a high quality, modestly budgeted commercial film using the best acting talent and production team available.

Our Writer/director/producer Hadi Hajaig has vast experience in the film industry and completed writing/directing/producing The UK Film Studio PLC feature film "Cleanskin" starring Sean Bean, Charlotte Rampling, James Fox and Michelle Ryan which was sold to Warner Brothers for the UK & Australia and Entertainment One Film for USA, Canada, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Benelux, South Africa.

View the official Warner Brothers trailer here

It was also sold to various distributors in the following territories. Latin America, Russia, China, Singapore, Greece, India, Japan, Eastern Europe, Turkey.

Our intention is to reach the widest possible audience and make the highest possible returns for our Shareholders with the provisionally entitled, comedy thriller "Blue Iguana".