London Screening - 23 June 2011

"Thanks for organising an excellent event - we were all very impressed." RJ London

"We thoroughly enjoyed the event. The location shots and music were especially fascinating." PP Suffolk

"It was very nice to have the opportunity to talk with members of the production team involved and to meet our fellow Extras from previous visits. Whatever the outcome, you can all be very proud of the film." DW Hampshire

"Thanks very much for a most enjoyable evening. The film was very well acted and I think you have a very good product." DC Surrey

"We thoroughly enjoyed the screening and after party; it was lovely to meet so many talented people who took part!" JC Glos

"I would like to thank everyone involved in the screening and subsequent party afterwards. My wife and I travelled down and had a great night; we thought the film was great and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole event." MB Norfolk

"Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic... We had a great evening! Please thank everyone concerned." CD Herts

"I attended the screening in London and thought the film was excellent! The whole evening was great!" BK Kent

"Thank you for a great evening. The more I think about the film, the more I like it!" LM Essex

"We enjoyed the screening very much... Fast, exciting and surprising!" IK Aberdeen

Cannes Screening - 23 May 2011

"A big thank you for all the organisation. It was a great evening and the film actually exceeded my expectations." JA Devon

"Wow! What a movie - fast moving, explosive and well thought out - a potential blockbuster!" RB Middlesex

"Well done for putting together a great film on such a tight budget. I would definitely be interested in any future projects you undertake." RH Merseyside

"The experience was new and interesting for me and I had a magical quality that will remain with me for a long time to come." JA Middlesex

"Thank you for a most enjoyable time in Cannes - for the film and for the party which went down so well!" AD Hampshire

"It was wonderful to see the finished film at last and to find that it more than came up to expectations. I am full of admiration for Hadi's talents and skills, and for bringing to fruition such a great project with such a minimal budget." MM Surrey

"I enjoyed Cannes and once again would add that you very much made me feel that you cared about the Investors and that their views were taken on board with regards to the film. To date, you are the best film company that I have worked with!" CH Kent

Extras Days

"I am very much excited to be part of CLEANSKIN and thoroughly enjoyed the Extras Days. The recent promotional material made available to Shareholders in the Members Area is great and I have confidence in CLEANSKIN being a very good success in the future." EC Leicestershire

"I am very excited to be part of CLEANSKIN, this is my first dabble in the film industry and I am finding everything interesting and exciting about it! The fact that big names are in the film (Sean Bean and Charlotte Rampling) certainly helped my decision to invest. My 12y/o son enjoyed the Extras Day and I am impressed with the frequent updates provided by The UK Film Studio PLC, and of course look forward to any further offers they may offer me." JC Kent

"I would like to pass on my sincere appreciation to The UK Film Studio PLC staff and crew. It was a most enjoyable day that was made possible by the courteous way in which the crew behaved to support a large number of amateur Extras." GW Wrexham

"Just to let you know I had a really enjoyable time on the set. I was extremely impressed by the professionalism of the film crew and the way that the scenes were managed. We were very well looked after." JS Herts

"We wanted to thank you for allowing us to participate in the film. We found the process fascinating." NJ London

"I really enjoyed filming over the weekend." CJ Surrey

"We would like to thank you for the brilliant day filming. We had a great time and really enjoyed everything about it." FH Dorset

"Just a note to thank you very much indeed for allowing us to act as Extras in CLEANSKIN. It has all been enormous fun and I do want to congratulate you and the crew on the professionalism which was so evident during the shoot." MM Surrey

"I would like to pass on my sincere appreciation to The UK Film Studio PLC staff and crew. It was a most enjoyable day that was made possible by the courteous way in which the crew behaved to support a large number of amateur extras." GW Wrexham

"Thank you for a very interesting day!" JW London

"To all the staff and crew on CLEANSKIN, it was a fab day and thanks for looking after us and being such lovely people!" JI London

General Feedback

"The way The UK Film Studio PLC keeps people informed on what is happening throughout the production of CLEANSKIN has most impressed me." RC Glamorgan

"Very impressed with the friendliness and quality of the production team on the Extras Day." CC Sussex

"Superb attention to customer care!" DC Lancashire

"Very impressed with the excellent communication and friendly relationship with The UK Film Studio PLC office." MM Surrey

"Thanks for the personal touch with your regular updates via telephone and e-mail!" BM Essex